Killing Pizza, Not Animals

The Chicago House of 'Za

Vegan Pizzeria


Our Story

Thank you for choosing The Chicago House of ‘Za,  In our Family like many others, food paves the way for memories. We've always loved to sit at the table telling stories, sharing experiences, and reconnecting over a home cooked meal or some classic pizza.  We started out in 2017 as a small carry out pizzeria located in Chicago's Lakeview area. We grew up with Chicago style pizza and wanted to share our cruelty free version with the neighborhood. It was pretty clear early on that there were so many others that felt the same passion we did when eating pizza with friends and family.  We relocated to 1939 Byron in Chicago's North Center neighborhood in 2019, with hopes to continue growing, and bringing vegan cuisine to more and more people. We are grateful to all of you for dining with us and allowing us to be a small part of your lives. You may notice our children, mothers, friends and family here serving you, preparing your meal, or just hanging out. We believe that family is brought together with memories at the table. So when you’re here you’re family. Quality is important to us, so we always prepare everything in house. All of our Cashew based cheese, marinara, dough, and seitan meats are made fresh daily. Everything is made to order, cruelty free, and made with love just for you so its understandable that your food takes some time to get to your table. We use fresh ingredients from the earth, and in doing so the possibility of seeds and stems sneaking in the food is possible. It is nature's way of letting you know it cares. At times items may run out or no longer be available. In such times substitutions may be used. We are a vegan establishment and as such it is our philosophy, as well as our way of living to exclude all forms of exploitation, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. 

If there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to speak with anyone of us! 


(Q) Do You Take Reservations?  

(A) In short no, unless your party consist of 10 or more people. We have a large dining room, as well as a bar. If there is a waiting list we will take down your number and call you when a table opens up.

(Q) Can I pre-order a pizza over the phone and dine in later?

(A) Because we strive to create the best pizza experience we do not except pre-orders. You can however order carry out over the phone.

(Q) Do you have gluten free crust?

(A) As often as possible, however they tend to run out quickly.

(Q) Do you have mozzarella sticks?

(A) No, although we would like to, they are a labor of love and I cannot keep up with them as well as making all of our cashew cheeses and seitan meats.

(Q) Can I do half toppings?

(A) Unfortunately, due to the melting properties of our house made cashew mozzarella, we cannot guarantee a quality pizza when there are half toppings. There is not way to ensure that the pizza will cook evenly and therefore we will not do half toppings

(Q) Can I order a parbaked pizza to bake at home?

(A) Yes! Call in and request that your pizza in parbaked. To heat at home, heat the oven to 425 and bake your pizza for 15 minutes. ( all ovens vary so watch your pizza close and bake it to your preference)

(Q) Do you cater items that are not on the menu?

(A) Yes! Email us to discuss your catering needs

(Q) Do you deliver?

(A) Yes, through caviar exclusively. However they determine the delivery zone, and delivery fees. 

(Q) Do you ship frozen pizza?

(A) Not yet, but we are working on it. 

Our Team

Our Team is dedicated to bring you the best dining experience we can. You deserve it. 

Customers Feedback

Amazing place!! The vegan deep dish is absolutely to die for. I have brought my entire family here (I am the only vegan in my family) and everyone said that they could not tell it was a vegan pizza. The quality is wonderful, staff is so lovely. I went on my birthday and they gave me some dessert on the house. Cannot recommend enough.

Kirby Shramuk

Food Reviewer

Super great place, the owner is very sweet and kind and I am so happy to see this business grow and thrive! Had deep dish regular sauce and cheese was pretty amazing, had leftovers for days. Also the cold American sub was outstanding, its the closest sandwich and sandwich meat I ever tasted to its cruel counter part. Can't wait to be back in Chicago for more next time.

J Caravello

Google Reviewer

First visit to this restaurant,and my expectations were met, and then thoroughly exceeded. The tastefully, deliciously made food is served by a kind, helpful, and personable staff that go out of their way to give you a good experience. It is the best vegan pizza I've ever had. This is resturant is a MUST for all vegans and non vegans alike.

Mr. Stixo

Food Reviewer