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The Chicago House of 'Za

Vegan Pizzeria

Temporary Dining Room Closure

We at The Chicago House of Za wish to thank you all for your continued support and patronage during this time of unease. Very much like the rest of you, we've been learning new information about COVID-19 and it's wide spread seemingly by the hour. We have been and will continue to make every effort we can to keep the health and safety of our staff and customers our TOP PRIORITY.

As of now, we have every intention of staying open for CARRY OUT/PICK UP and Delivery through Caviar. We have changed our dining area into a convenience store in order to assist with limiting contact in busy grocery stores.  We are a family business, as such our family relies on this business to be open in order support ourselves. We have seven wonderful employees who also rely on this business to support their livelihoods. Our neighborhood of North Center/Lakeveiw/Roscoe and customers world wide are like family to us. While we don't necessarily sell an "essential to survive" good or service, we do recognize that many of you rely on us to support your sense of "normalcy".

Please rest assured that we are taking every precaution and measure possible to ensure the safety of ourselves, as well as everyone we come in contact with. Here are a few protocols we are doing to help keep us all safer -

- Sanitize solution spray the POS hardware (Screen/Receipt printer etc) at least every 30 minutes.

- All staff to wash hands immediately when they arrive, and at least every 30 minutes while here.

-If staff comes in direct contact with a customer (shake hands, etc..) they must wash hands (or use sanitizer) as soon as possible thereafter.

- Hand sanitizer to be on the register counter for immediate access for CHOZA staff and customers.

- CHOZA staff to use hand sanitizer immediately after handling cash.


We will be changing our hours of operation as long as the shelter in place order is in effect. Please check back often as they may change.

Wednesday - Saturday 


CLOSED - Sun/Mon/Tues


(773) 770-3848